CMS Calendar Raffle Winners

Here are the winners of the CMS Calendar Raffle from April 4th through 10th. 4/6 Rockstar light from Pepsi goes to Dana Porter, 4/7 Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee and Mug…Emily Lee, 4/8 Independent Sales Gift Basket from our local reps goes to Tom Parks, 4/9 The Coach bracelet winner is…Tricia Farrell!!!, and 4/10 Bernie Yost wins the April 10th drawing for the 31 gift certificate. Congratulations to all the winners.

CNA Class Vists UMaine Nursing Program

Last week the SCRTC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class visited the University of Maine Nursing Program. Students were able to see the classrooms and meet with the Professors from that program. Trips like this one give SCRTC students more real world experience with their trades and show them the various opportunities they can explore after finishing their secondary education.

The Commons to Revive CMHS Publicity Screen

The Commons School Store at CMHS is going to be reviving the publicity screen outside the store in the front lobby. Content will be gathered by Kati Grass, the school business teacher and store supervisor and compiled into a slideshow. The slideshow will be put on a laptop which will then be connected to the screen. The laptop will play the slideshow on loop for all who pass to view. Before the screen can be brought back, Ms Grass needs content to add to the slideshow. If you have content you would like to submit, or have any further questions contact Ms Grass at

CMS Calendar Raffle Updates

The CMS Calendar Raffle winners are still being picked. The winner for April 2nd was Dan Merryfield. The winner for April 3rd was Errol Trafton who won the Trade Winds cornhole game. The winner for April 4th was Wendy Johnson who won Red Sox tickets, and the winner for April 5th was Josh Seavy who won the Blue Devil Swag. Congratulations to all the winners.