CMS Student Council

One of the most popular and most important extra curricular activities at CMS is student council. The student council consists of a group of elected students who oversee matters such as fundraising, event planning, and managing special events. On this page you can view updates from the CMS student council as well as pictures and other information.


We at the middle school student council would like to wish everyone a happy new year and update you on a few activities that we have been doing lately. Recently we attended the youth leadership conference in Bangor with guest speaker John Jenkins. We helped sell wreathed for hope to benefit cancer research. We also participated the the rockathon to raise money to buy Christmas presents for children at the Calais alternative school. Now we are having a hat, mitten, and scarf drive to benefit local families in need for the winter. We are also planning usurious upcoming middle school ski trip.

– Calais middle school student council president