Makayla Cobb, SCRTC Welder and Truck Driver

In 2012, two SCRTC students Kelli Bailey and Quinn Sluzenski made a promotional video for the Totally Trades Conference. The video was about Makayla Cobb, an SCRTC student from Woodland High School who got her AWS Welding certification and truck driving license in 2 years at SCRTC. This video has been revived to not only promote Totally Trades, but to also serve as a piece of propaganda for the possibility of reviving the Truck Driving program at SCRTC. The full video can be viewed here or on the SCRTC website homepage.

CNA Class Vists UMaine Nursing Program

Last week the SCRTC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class visited the University of Maine Nursing Program. Students were able to see the classrooms and meet with the Professors from that program. Trips like this one give SCRTC students more real world experience with their trades and show them the various opportunities they can explore after finishing their secondary education.