District Office Staff

Ronald Jenkins
Job Title: Superintendent
Number of Years With CSD: 7 yrs
Other Job Experience: Superintendent: SAD 44 (3 yrs), Maine Indian Education (19 yrs), H.S. Math Teacher (17 yrs), H.S. Principal (9 yrs)
Education: A.B. University of Maine, M.A. Boston College, C.A.S. UMaine
Job Description: Central Office Administrator

Julie Murray
Job Title: Bookkepper
Number of Years With CSD: 16 yrs
Education: Associate Degree in Office Information
Job Description: Process accounts payable and accounts receivable, maintain and reconcile all general ledger accounts, assist in preparing annual budget, lead contact person for annual audit.

Sarah Sterner
Job Title: Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools
Number of Years With CSD: 1 1/2 yrs
Education: Diploma Calais High School
Job Description: Responsible for the smooth operation of the Superintendent of Schools’ Office schedule, state reporting, tuition billing, any clerical duties required.

Tamara Clark
Job Title: Special Services Administrative Assistant
Number of Years With CSD: 8 yrs
Other Job Experience: Account Manager in Advertising Agencies, Marketing Manager
Education: B.A. in Communication
Job Description: Manage all procedures and deadlines related to each student’s IEP or 50A Plan, including meetings (over 150 a year), evaluations, correspondence and paperwork. Also process all invoices related to special services. Create purchase orders.

Tennille Hallowell
Job Title: Director of Special Services
Number of Years With CSD: 14 yrs
Education: Bachelor’s in Psychology, Masters in Educational Leadership
Job Description: Oversees all facets of the Special Education Department, including programs, services, personnel, and budget.

Brittany Occhiogrosso

Job Title: Bookkeeper/Payroll
Number of Years With CSD: 3 yrs
Education: Bachelor’s in Business
Job Description: Manage payroll for school district