In Memory of Addison Coty

Addison Coty was a graduate of CHS who tragically lost his life in a car accident on July 31st of this year. Addison was one of the most well liked students at CHS. He was an extremely talented runner and basketball player and also played baseball, soccer, and track & field. He helped the Calais Blue Devils win the 2015 Class C State Championship for boys basketball. In addition to athletics, he was a member of student council and helped oversee the student body of CHS.

Addison was known for being very likeable and not having anything bad to say about anybody. He had incredible sportsmanship, helping opponents up if he knocked them down in a basketball game. His presence at CHS left an impact on his classmates, he was loved by the student body and the community.

Addison Coty was a prime example of a perfect role model in high school, and his impact on CHS in terms of athletics and atmosphere will remain in the hallways forever.

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