CHS to Host WaCo Festival in May

By: Chrisine Proefrock, CMHS Music Director

I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you! Every year our student musicians have the opportunity to join in performing groups with the best musicians from all of Washington County at our Honors Music Festival. It was set to be held in Machias this year but they were unable, so we are hosting here at CMHS. The date is set for Saturday, May 4th!!!

We really just wanted to let everyone know that this is an amazing opportunity to showcase how fantastic our Calais Blue Devils really are!!!! We will be calling on certain people/groups to help make this the absolute best festival possible! There are a few things that need repair, we will need classrooms to use as homerooms for students from other schools, we will need help with copying and sorting hundreds of pieces of music, people to help on the day of the event with monitoring hallways, setting up and tearing down equipment, helping to feed close to 200 people, escorting people through the building and to rehearsal spaces, acting as assistants when conductors need something during rehearsals, etc…… It’s a great chance for students to receive community service hours and for all of us to put our best foot forward with students, teachers and administrators from each of the Washington County schools.

Be assured that we will come and find you if there is something specific with which we are hoping for your help. Otherwise, please just put it on your calendars and maybe contemplate a creative way that your students might participate….. and get ready to show some serious Blue Devil Pride!!!!!!

Many thanks!!!