CHS Principal’s Message

We are Blue Devils!

On behalf of all to the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome everyone to a new year at the Calais Middle/High School. We are off to a great start!

This year our administration, faculty, and staff have a very specific goal for our school – Celebrating the diversity of our students and staff while cultivating our school climate. Students and staff will work throughout the year to identify areas of improvement and develop goals to help our school create an environment welcoming to all. Students and staff members will be completing school climate surveys early in the year, and we will be using the information specific to our school to develop goals.

Our celebrations start with honoring positive characteristics within students and staff. We will be honoring one student from each grade level who takes seriously the following characteristics: academic performance, character, behavior, effort, social relationships, and attendance. In addition, we will be recognizing staff members who go above and beyond for our students and their peers. Staff nominations forms will be available in our front office and can be submitted by students, parents, and/or staff members.

The one characteristic that brings us all together here at the CM/HS is…We are Blue Devils!!

We are off to a great start!


Mrs. Spearin