CES Report Cards Discussion

First and foremost, report cards are not going to go out until Friday the 14th.

Make sure that whatever you are using for a grading system, there is a legend to go with it so that parents know what it means. There should always be a narrative about what the grade reflects as well. This does not mean that you write, your student is doing well, it means that you write what the student is able to do and what they are working on for each subject.

If your student does a class in special education, for example reading, on your report card, you write N/A and an asterisk and write see enclosed goals. The special education teacher will ensure that goals are with the report card.
Remember, habits of learning should not be included in your students academic grade. This means that if a student does not do their homework, they don’t get a 0 that is averaged into the students grades, they get a comment in the habits of work section, (all report cards should have a habits of work and learning section).

Leigh is working on a report card template for the 3 specials, phys ed, music and art. these should come to you and you will enclose it with the students report card. It will not be transferred onto your report card.

Parents will not have to sign the report cards and send back. There will be a for stuck on the front of the envelope and the parent will sign and put comments there.