Winter Carnival 2019 at CHS

By: Lori Ellis

Monday was kicked off with Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher day. Although the outfits were widely varied, no one will ever forget the image of Blake Collins in one of Mrs. Ellis’ dresses! New to the routine, Freshmen came in last at 23% but were closely followed by the Sophomores at 29%. The Juniors had 33% participation, but the Seniors (with the smallest class of only 39 students) drew a first blood victory with 41% dressed as staff members.

Activity period brought an old time-honored favorite: Crab Soccer, which pitted the upperclassmen against each other in the first prelim. Riding high on the confidence of their earlier win, the Seniors handily defeated the Juniors who got skunked. The underclassmen witnessed the Sophomores being trounced by the Freshmen. Kendra Stevens scored the winning goal. In the bid for third and fourth place, the Sophomores were beaten by the Juniors. Gavin Parks scored with just one minute into play and was later followed by Adam Barnard in the final seconds of the game. Our newest members of CHS put up a valiant fight; Zach Anderson literally bled for his team. But the Seniors, with speed demon Justice Bassett on the team, were ultimately victorious. Ryan Newell, Blake Collins, and Dominic Griffith all knocked one in! However, the brand new, six-foot high, soccer ball suffered grievous injuries in this high scoring heat.

Bombardment was the name of the game after school and it was truly a heated competition where one needed both speed and coordination to remain in play. The underclassmen in the first prelim watched Koby Saunders and Amelia Barnard being pummeled while Cameron Kelly danced to “Mississippi Queen” as the remaining six teammates earned the win. In the next prelim, the upperclassmen were evenly matched. Both teams had 5 people on the floor as they fought for the right to advance to the finals. However, the Juniors were willing to do ANYTHING to win – Adam Barnard chipped a tooth but earned a win for his team. The Seniors went down in flames as they had a small group. Also John Socobasin and Blake Collins were literally the first ones hit. Although Kale Sapiel did a split to evade his attackers, the very large Freshmen group won. Seniors earned last place. The Sophomores were led by “last woman standing” Hailey Calder, but the Juniors were too competitive and took first place in a very heated battle.

Beach Blast was next (because we couldn’t find the 4 soccer nets) out of the gate. Fueled by their victory, the Juniors scored twice on goals by Gavin Parks, who was amazing (unlike Zac Gower who lost his stick). Kale Sapiel as goalie tried, but as time expired, so did the beach ball (which Mr. Smith sported as a new hairdo!). The next prelim was neck and neck! Goalie Nate Pesce only allowed one goal, and Jerry Hammon was the lone scorer for the newbies. Cameron Kelly served as his team’s goalie and also allowed only one goal. Seth Brown took out Trinity Jones (he did help her up), but it was JD Turner sliding into the wall for them to tie it up and move to sudden death. This lasted over 7 minutes! Colby Carrier scored the winning goal to advance the Sophomores to the finals. In the race to avoid last place, the Seniors were fueled by Blake Collins who score after only 11 seconds of play! Ryan Newell also went on to score. Kendra Stevens scored in the second half, but it was too late. Seniors won 2-1. In the final heat for the win, the Sophomores went down in flames and were skunked by the Juniors who were led to victory by Gavin Parks and his amazing ball handling skills.

Mr. Moody and his hiding skills need some improvement as the Senior icon was the first one discovered! Zac Gower found it hidden behind a frame in the Hall of Fame at 1:50 PM. At 5 that evening Madyson Parks and Colby Carrier located the Freshmen logo hidden under the rug by the exit closest to the girl’s locker room. The rest of the evening students either looked for the remaining icons or worked on hallways, banners, and skits. As there was no snow, sculptures seemed a nonentity for the year. With so many events left in this year’s competition, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win!

Tuesday started with us all seeing double on Twin day. Although we saw an increase of participation in every class, the Sophomores had only 33% dressed in costumes. They were followed by the Freshmen at 50%. Only 1.6% separated the upperclassmen, but the Juniors cruised to another victory with 58% of student participation. An update of final scoring revealed the following:
Freshmen: 9 Sophomores: 10 Seniors: 14 Juniors: 17

Activity period began with clues regarding the two remaining icons. The Sophomore clue provided by the advisor was US; the Junior clue was simply Miss Griffin. Bubble Soccer then began with the Juniors taking on the Sophomores. Although Nedra Bassett made multiple saves as goalie and Sophie McVicar scored while Serena did somersaults, the Juniors just were too competitive. Colton Sherrard scored after only 10 seconds into the game. Other goals were scored by Caleb Sabattus and Zac Gower. The upper classmen crushed their opponents 6 – 1 and advanced to the finals. In the next prelim the Seniors benefitted by Jacob Maheux’s goaltending skills as he shut out the Freshmen. Zac bled again for his team while Trinity and Kendra did somersaults as Seth Staples almost scored in his own net. Tiara Knowles lost her shoes, but the Seniors skunked the newbies. In the race to avoid ignominious defeat, Sage Philips and Trinity Jones each scored for third place. Seth Brown earned the lone goal for the Sophomores. In the final battle the Juniors earned another victory after scoring a single goal in sudden death.

For the students’ entertainment, the Juniors then took on various CHS staff members, many of whom were former students at CHS! CJ lost his glasses and his balance. Nick Johnson was a constant target even though many had proclaimed him to be their favorite teacher! Mr. Furtek took out students left and right. Kati Grass was a goalie while Mr. Duffy took a beating. But it was Miss Remington who led the charge to victory!!!! When asked how it felt to be bashed about, young Mr. Johnson replied, “HOW DID IT FEEL TO LOSE!!!”

While the staff went in search of medical attention, the students continued on with the Boogie Board Shuffle. The Juniors took an early lead over the Freshmen, but Paige was the one everyone rallied around. Way to go Paige! In the Senior vs. Sophomore heat, the Seniors lost. The Seniors then lost to the Freshmen for last place. Was it because Seth Staples fell off his board in the final seconds? In a very close contest, both the Juniors and Sophomores were very fast, but Colby Carrier led his team to victory as he zipped down the gym floor while his legs acted like pistons.

After school was floor hockey, always a favorite during winter carnival. Seniors vs. Sophomores in the first prelim showcased the mad skills of goalie Jacob Maheux. Did you see his split as he blocked a shot? The lone score was made by Alex Newsome assisted by Terry. Moving into round 2, the Freshmen got skunked. Terry wanted to help them with the extra hockey stick as he was never a Freshmen at CHS. He got ejected. Colton Sherrard, goalie, allowed no shots; scoring was spread amongst Gavin Parks (two assists by Ivy McLellan) and Adam Barnard. Terry said Adam’s chipped tooth had made him aerodynamic and therefore too much for Freshmen goalie Wyatt Thigpen! In the finals, the two under classmen squads waged an evenly matched battle, but Ty Bennett scored late in the second half to avoid last place which fell to the Sophomores. In what proved to be the longest, most competitive, and most vocal war yet, the Juniors and Seniors were scoreless at the end of 4 quarters. The only action occurred when goalie Zac Gower threw the ball at Emily Doten, his own teammate!

Overtime ended in a tie! We then moved to penalty shots. Alex Newsome scored against goalie Zac Gower. Ivy, Ashton, Kelly, and Gavin all tried to score but were stopped by Jacob Maheux (did we forget to mention he’s goalie on a hockey team in Canada?). Adam Barnard then scored to tie the game again!!!! As others attempted to score, we watched impatiently as a crowd gathered. Last one up was Mike McFarlane, who went on to score the WINNING goal! The Juniors celebrated with a 5 minute mosh pit center court as Randy Morrison began readying the gym for the girl’s prelim game against East Corinth. Sontee Edwards found the Sophomore icon of the Lion King at 2:10 behind the Devil Door. Students scrambled to add touches to banners, halls, skits; to prepare for drama rehearsal; to attend practice; or to get ready for concessions. It was a hot bed of activity at CHS, but what a night! Both the girls’ and boys’ teams won their prelims and will advance to the tourney in Bangor! Go Blue!!! As the night came to a close and the winter storm drew near, Mr. Jenkins announced school would be cancelled on Wednesday. Great! We would have snow! But how much? Would it be light and fluffy, which is not good for snow sculptures? If it were good snow, how in the world would students be able to create a sculpture by Friday? Only time will tell!

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