About CMHS

Mission Statement

The mission of Calais High School is to provide a positive learning environment where a student develops the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become a responsible and productive citizen.

Academic Expectations

The Calais High School student will:
• Read, write, speak, and think critically
• Accurately define problems, frame questions, collect data, use technology and analyze problems objectively
• Assess individual interests, aptitudes, skills, and values in relationship to career plans
• Create a career/educational plan that reflects personal goals, interests and skills, and available resources

Civic Expectations

The Calais High School student will:
• Recognize the power of personal participation to affect the community and demonstrate participation skills
• Understand and respect the diverse nature of society

Social Expectations

The Calais High School student will:
• Accept responsibility for personal decisions and actions
• Achieve personal and community health and well-being

General Expectations

Calais High School students will:
• Respect and be considerate of the rights and responsibilities of others and ourselves.
• Respect and be considerate of our property and that of others.
• Follow our class schedule and be on time.
• Follow rules of specific areas.
• Carry a pass to be in the hall.

Horatio Alger School Award

Calais High School is the only school in Washington County to have ever won this prestigious award. CHS won it in 1990 and again in 2000. Every year, one school per State is named a Horatio Alger School.

School Colors

The colors of Calais High School are Blue and White.

School Flag

The school flag, highlighting the symbolic Devil’s trident on display in the gymnasium, was designed by Andy Johnson, class of 1992.

School Mat

The school mat, gracing the main entrance, was designed by Nathan O’Neill, class of 2008.

School Mascot

The school mascot is the Blue Devil. Visible throughout the school, the Blue Devil is most prominently displayed in the center of the gymnasium floor.

School History

Students create the history of the school. The current history is reflected in the Calais High School Hall of Fame, located in the Library Media Center corridor. The past history is recorded in the Time Line comprised of plaques and trophies located in the main hallway. Highlighted historical moments include the framed retired jerseys located in the business hallway.

School Song Calais High School Alma Matter

Far above the St. Croix Valley, Where the tide makes in, Stands our dear old Calais High School, Honor bound to win. Field or platform, Court or diamond, We will do our best. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail to CHS!!!


Calais High School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

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