CMHS Mission & Expectations


The mission of Calais High School is to provide a positive learning environment where a student develops the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become a responsible and productive citizen.



The Calais High School student will:
• Read, write, speak, and think critically
• Accurately define problems, frame questions, collect data, use technology and analyze problems objectively
• Assess individual interests, aptitudes, skills, and values in relationship to career plans
• Create a career/educational plan that reflects personal goals, interests and skills, and available resources


The Calais High School student will:
• Recognize the power of personal participation to affect the community and demonstrate participation skills
• Understand and respect the diverse nature of society


The Calais High School student will:
• Accept responsibility for personal decisions and actions
• Achieve personal and community health and well-being


Calais High School students will:
. Respect and be considerate of the rights and responsibilities of others and ourselves.
. Respect and be considerate of our property and that of others.
. Follow our class schedule and be on time.
. Follow rules of specific areas.
. Carry a pass to be in the hall.


These rules and policies apply to any student who is on school property, who is in attendance at school or at any school-sponsored activity, or whose conduct at any time or place directly interferes with the operations, discipline or general welfare of the school.