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The school nurse at CES is not always available, so if a child is feeling sick at the start of the school day, they should be kept at home. This will prevent the spread of communicable diseases to other students and solve the problem of having to get the child home from school. It is advised to inform the front office when a student cannot come to school because of an illness. The school nurse at CES provides a variety of health services. However she cannot allow a student to take medications unless she receives a signed and dated permission note from the parent. If you have any questions for the school nurse, contact Mrs Clark at sclark@calaisschools.org.


School Nurse’s Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian,

It is the policy of the Calais School System to discourage the dispensing of medications at school. Whenever possible, the schedule of drug administration should be altered to allow a student to receive all prescribed doses at home. If medication during the school day is necessary, it may be administered in accordance with the following conditions:


  • (1)The medication is turned into the school nurse in the original container with the prescription information intact. (Ask your pharmacist to prepare two packages, one for school and one for home.)
  • (2)The written order by the child’s physician for such medication is returned to the school nurse.
  • (3)The parent/guardian has completed and returned the medication request form.

There is a copy of the request form on the back of this letter.

Parents are reminded that whenever possible the school nurse will administer prescribed medications; however, there is a strong possibility that non-medical school employees may administer that medication. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this policy. I look forward to serving you student’s health needs this year.


Sue Clark, R.N.

Calais Elementary School

Request for Administration of Medication in School

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