2018-19 Class Elections at CHS

On Tuesday May 9th, the class elections for the 2018-19 school year were held at CHS. The results are:

Class of 2019
Pres Dylan Carrier
VP Kelsey LaCoote
Secretary Chase Lord
Treasurer Alex Newsome
Stu-Co Devon Carrier
Stu-Co Mackenzie LaPointe
Stu-Co Kale Sapiel

Class of 2020
Pres Brynne Lander
VP Ivy McLellan
Secretary Hannah Alley
Treasurer Mike Mcfarlane
Stu-Co Patrick Corbett
Stu-Co Olivia Huckins
Stu-Co Gavin Parks

Class of 2021
Pres Hannah Gadway
VP JD Turner
Secretary Haley-Ann Way
Treasurer Aaron Porter
Stu-Co Hailey Calder
Stu-Co Sophia McVicar
Stu-Co Elizabeth Trainor

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