CMS Celebration of Growth

On the evening of June 4th, the CMHS Class of 2022 had their Celebration of Growth in the CMHS gymnasium. This event honors the students’ completion of middle school and marks their transition into high school. We are all very proud of all the students and wish them the best of luck as they enter high school next year. (Pictured left, Principal Mary Anne Spearin shakes hands with a student and presents him with his certificate.)

Graduation at CHS

On June 3rd at 1:00PM, the CHS Class of 2018 graduated. The graduation was held in the school gymnasium and lots of relatives, friends, and acquaintances gathered to see the students get their diplomas. We are very proud of every student who graduated, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors. We will never forget you and what you brought to this school.  (Pictured left, Superintendent Jenkins greets and presents a graduate with her diploma.)

CHS Graduating Seniors March Through CES


On Friday morning, only two days before CHS graduation, the graduating seniors at CHS took a march through the halls of CES. The CES students had prepared posters for the seniors and handed them to them as they were marching. This tradition is much loved by students, staff, and locals, and gives the elementary children a glimpse of where they will be soon enough.

Second CMHS Drama Club Performance

After a successful performance of “The Internet is a Distract-Oh Look a Kitten!” on May 25th, the CMHS drama club will follow that up with a second performance on Thursday June 7th. This showing will take place at 6PM and admission and food will be by donation. (Pictured left, CMHS drama members Christian Emery and Cassie Carr promote the play on public radio.)

CMS Exposition

On Thursday June 7th from 12:30 to 1:30, parents of CMS students will be able to come to school and support the students as they show off their learning projects for the year. Each student has spent the year learning about a specific topic of interest as an independent study. The 8th graders have also completed Language Arts portfolios. These projects will be on display at students’ stations. All parents are encouraged to come!