It’s hard to believe that October is almost half over. The Early Childhood Education, class as well as the CNA class, both became Certified in First Aid & CPR last week. Mr. Bragdon’s Computer Electronics class has been busy helping diagnose internet issues along with setting up new computers for SCRTC staff. Chef Eagan’s Culinary Arts class prepared a delightful meal for SCRTC’s Advisory Board meeting. The menu included: salad, tortellini soup, roast pork with apples and sauerkraut, squash, potatoes, and Oreo cheesecake for dessert. Mrs. Grass’ Business Studies students have been working on a new logo for SCRTC. The designs thus far have been impressive. Welding students are busy in their booths working on different welds daily. Mr. Ginn’s Automotive Tech students are super busy working on vehicles as well as automotive textbook work. Last but not least, we have been busy in Building Trades doing projects around the school that need tightening up before the snow flies. (Article written by Luke McDonald, SCRTC student)


Luke McDonald, Senior from Wooldand High School enrolled in SCRTC’s Building Trades class will be writing our weekly news update.

What a busy few weeks we have had at SCRTC! Each of SCRTC’s eight programs of study have been hard at work in their prospective shops as well in their classrooms. More than 50students from Shead, Woodland, and Calais High Schools are sending students to learn valuable trades this year. Mr. James’ Building Trades class has been working on CHS’ soccer fielding storage building. Students have been leaning to set up staging, flashing, along with shingling roofs this week. Mr. Brandon’s Computer Tech class has been super busy fixing technical issues with internet and laptops. Mrs. Eagan’s Culinary Arts class started off by making cream puffs and they were tasty! Ms. Remington’s Early Childhood Education class has been busy organizing and decorating for their fall preschool class (applications are available by calling 454-2581). Mr. Johnson’s Welding class has been busy making welds. He’s quite impressed at what he is seeing from his students already this year. Mr. Ginn’s Automotive Tech students are familiarizing themselves with the shop equipment as well Safety standards. Mrs. Grass has her students thinking about projects they would like to work on this fall along with teaching ergonomics in her classroom. Finally, Mrs. Skriletz’s Certified Nursing Assistant Class has been on a field trip already to Washington Place and are preparing for their first test.

SCRTC Induction

This week was the start of the 2018-19 school year at SCRTC. All the new students for this year were gathered together for an induction. They were introduced to the staff including new welding teacher Mr. Johnson. Then the students were split into groups and taken around the school to see all the classrooms in the tech center. They were told what each program consists of and what certifications the programs have. Here’s to a new year at SCRTC!

SCRTC Students Build Solar Powered Vehicle

The St. Croix Regional Technical Center has a new student project to show off as a result of hard work from 3+ of its students. A solar powered bicycle has recently been unveiled on the school campus. This project utilized the talents of students from the Computer Electronics, Welding, and Building Trades programs, as well as the Technology Education class at CHS. The construction of the bike began with the welding of solar panels onto the bicycle by Zach Goodwin from the Welding program. Several Building Trades students assisted by building a wood platform to raise the bike for construction. After the solar panels were welded on, Computer Electronics students Kale Sapiel and Dylan Korsadowicz setup the electronics that allow the solar energy to make the bicycle run. Fellow student Shane DelMonaco assisted with research for the electronics construction. Dylan Korsadowicz is currently constructing a dashboard for the bike in Brian Duffy’s Technology Education class at CHS. The bicycle is completely solar powered and charges while parked in the sun. Because of this form of power, it is very environmentally friendly. This project has been under development all school year, and has had a huge amount of support from the Superintendent and school administrators. (Pictured from left to right: Shane DelMonaco, Dylan Korsadowicz, and Kale Sapiel.)

SCRTC Business Class Hosts Lemonade Stand Project

This morning Kati Grass’ business class hosted a lemonade stand in their classroom at CHS. Several different students made several different batches of lemonade and sold them along with snacks. Students at CHS were able to purchase the goods with tickets they were given. This project was a great way for students to learn about entrepreneurship and selling consumer goods. (Pictured left is the crowd that gathered in Ms. Grass’ class to buy lemonade.)