CMHS Snow Day Protocol

CMHS Snow Day Protocol:
Everyone at Calais Middle/High School hopes everyone has been enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation over the holiday break. As the wintery weather approaches Maine and Washington County, the Calais Middle/High School will be moving to holding virtual snow days. These snow days will count as instructional days, therefore, not extending the scheduled school year calendar.
A message was sent on December 16th, which contained incorrect information regarding the Calais Middle/High School approved snow day protocol. Please refer to the corrected information included below for the 2021 Calais Middle/High School Virtual Snow Day protocol. We apologize for any previous confusion.
In the future, any day Calais Middle/High School is “canceled” due to inclement weather, we will be using the following protocol:
Calais Middle/High School ONLY
(other Calais schools will communicate their own snow day protocol specific to their students)
All student assignments will be posted through Google Classroom or students will receive work packets in advance of the snow day when that option would better support the learner. Students would be expected to complete the work online or within the packet on the same day school is cancelled. Teachers, as well as support and office staff, will be available through Google Classroom and school email from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Stay Safe,
Mary Anne Spearin
Principal, CMHS

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