Start of School Reminder

This is a reminder that Calais School Department Group I students first day  back to school will be Monday, September 14th and Group II students will start on Tuesday, September 15th. CM/HS students should be dropped off by 7:30am. Students are encouraged to bring closed water bottles to school as drinking fountains will not be used. We will have water available in the cafeteria as in previous years, and we will have water bottle filling stations in the coming weeks. On the first day of school students will receive packets including emergency contact, lunch forms/links, health center information, etc. that will need to be completed and returned to school.

Included as attachments you will find the the pre-screening tool and health protocols for attending school, being sent home sick from school, and the return to school after being sick. Please remember to call school if your child will be home sick.

A corrected middle and high school student daily schedule has been attached as well. Please note the only change was Lunch B and Lunch C switched groups. The high school lunches will take place back to back (at 10:35 and 11:15) with Lunch C being middle school (11:56am).

We look forward to seeing all of our students next week!

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