Freshmen Orientation

On Thursday, September 10, 2020 the annual Freshmen Orientation was held at Calais High School.  Students began the day with a virtual welcome address during which several staff members discussed their content area, advisory/coach capacity, as well as services offered at CHS.  After spending some time becoming familiar with their locker combinations, they then followed the daily schedule to familiarize themselves with their teachers as well as room locations.  At the end of the day they returned to their homerooms to reflect on the day.

Several Student Council as well as some NHS members volunteered to give up a day of summer vacation in order to assist in this process.  These student ambassadors gave tours, answered questions, aided in the opening of lockers, and presented info about the process connected to becoming a class officer or student council representative.
In appreciation of their efforts, Mrs. Spearin provided pizza for lunch.
Thank you to Elizabeth Trainor, Zac Wentworth, Nedra Bassett, Sophie McVicar, Hope McLaughlin, Alexis Donahue, Cassidy Carr, Josh Cline, Haley-Ann Way, Trinity Jones, and Hailey Calder who all exemplified BLUE DEVIL PRIDE!

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