Brief Explanation of CSD Reentry Plan for Fall 2020

From Mrs. Mary Anne Spearin, CMHS Principal –

As the Calais School Department prepares to reopen in September 2020, there is important information we need to collect from each of our student families. We are asking for your commitment to the information you provide in this form. If you have more than 1 student at two or more of our schools, please complete only ONE form. If you run into any challenges, please contact our school’s front office for assistance. Calais Elementary School 454-2000, Calais Middle/High School 454-2591, or Calais Alternative School 454-8143. We respectfully request that families complete the forms by Friday, August 21, 2020.

Please click the following link to access the information form.

Thank you and stay safe,

Brief explanation of CSD Reentry Plan for Fall 2020-

~All students will be assigned to Group 1 or Group 2 prior to the start of school, with the exception of Head Start PreK students, who will attend in-person every day. Every effort will be made to keep all students within the same families/household in the same student group.

~All schools will open with an alternating daily schedule of In-person instruction and At-home reinforcement activities. Please refer to the sample images below.

~The start date for Group 1 will be September 14, 2020, and the start date for Group 2 will be September 15, 2020.

~Masks are required for students, but they will be provided frequent mask breaks throughout the day. Students with medical conditions that create challenges for wearing a mask may make arrangements for face shields to be worn instead.

~All staff will wear masks or face shields.

~Student desks will have plexiglass shields to aid in frequency of mask breaks.

~Students will maintain at least 3 feet social distancing.

~Parents and guardians will need to screen students for symptoms before coming to school each day. A screening checklist will be provided to parents/guardians.

~The school department will provide lunches to students who wish to have bagged meals for their at-home day.

~Child care options are being made available for those families who may not have alternative options for the at-home day.

~Parents and guardians, who wish to have their students attend virtually, will need to commit to certain guidelines for expectations including virtual attendance and classwork submissions. This arrangement must be made directly with building administration.

~Students, who may face challenges with device access, may sign out a device through the school department.

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