CSD Update – April 10, 2020

As many of you may already know, Commissioner Makin in partnership with Governor Mills has recommended Maine schools continue with remote learning for our students throughout the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The Calais School Department has decided to take the recommendation and extend remote learning for Calais School Department students through the end of the current school year.

Remote learning will continue through June 5th, which is our last scheduled student day of the 2019-2020 school year. Spring Vacation will remain as scheduled for Saturday, April 18th through Sunday, April 26th. No remote learning course work will be assigned during Spring Break. We continue to recommend that students and parents/guardians establish school work routines, check in daily Monday through Friday to online courses, and pay attention to assignment deadlines. Please remember students are still receiving grades during this remote learning. If a student is facing challenges with course work, please email the teacher directly with questions or email the teacher to schedule a virtual meeting. Our teacher emails are the first initial of first name followed last name (e.g., John Doe would be jdoe@calaisschools.org).

Meals will continue to be available for pick up or delivery through June 5th excluding Spring Break. If you have not already signed up for breakfast and/or lunch but would like to start receiving the meals, please contact Calais Elementary School at 454-2000.

With the news of extended remote learning comes many questions from our Senior students and parents/guardians. Seniors, we know this has been a very difficult conclusion to your Senior year, and our hearts have been with you throughout this ordeal, as it has with all of our students. Unfortunately, with the social distancing requirements comes the postponement of commencement activities. To be sure our Seniors are honored appropriately, Calais Administration has decided to tentatively schedule a Super Commencement Weekend for Friday, July 31 through Sunday, August 2, assuming the social distancing requirements have ended at that time. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Friday, July 31 – Class night @ 7pm

  • Saturday, August 1 – Prom @ 6pm

  • Sunday, August 2 – Graduation @ 1pm

The Calais School Department administration, faculty, and staff will remain accessible to our students and parents/guardians from 9am to 1pm Monday through Friday each week excluding Spring Break. We would like to express our extreme gratitude to everyone who has put forth the extra effort in working with our students and ensuring their safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our thoughts are with our students, family members, Calais School Department faculty and staff, and all of our community members during this difficult time.

Stay safe and be kind to one another.

Calais School Department Administration, Faculty, and Staff

CM/HS Update – April 8, 2020

We hope this message finds our students and their families healthy and safe.

Due to the Social Distancing recommendations, the Calais Middle/High School has found innovative ways to work with our current and future Blue Devils. Around this time of year, we host a Step Up Day for potential incoming students. This year we have created a video that will be posted to our web and Facebook pages outlining many of the topics we would cover during an in-person step up day. This video should be posted within the next week. Please stay tuned.

This is also the time of year where we start working with our current Blue Devils in registering for next year’s courses. Mrs. Pike has done a phenomenal job in creating Google Forms on our Calais Schools home webpage where students can find and complete the course registration form. The forms are organized by Grade Level for 2020-2021. For example, if you are currently a Freshmen, please complete the Sophomore form.

Reminders for CM/HS remote learning:

  • School is continuing, just in an online format
  • Student will receive grades during this remote learning experience
  • Blue Devils should be checking in daily to their online classrooms
  • Be sure to pay attention to assignment deadlines
  • Reach out to your teacher(s) immediately if you are facing any challenges (communication is KEY)
  • Establish and practice routine times to complete schoolwork

CM/HS recognizes that during this unique time, some students are continuing their after school work. Please remember the expectation is that each student needs to complete schoolwork in order to receive passing grades for each of their classes. If a student is working, please establish a consistent routine for the daily completion of schoolwork.

CM/HS administration, faculty, and staff continue to miss seeing and interacting with our students, parents, and guardians, and our thoughts are with you.

Stay safe!

Calais High School 2020-2021 Course Sign-Ups

This year we will be doing course sign-ups online for the 2020-2021 school year. Please choose the appropriate grade level link below to choose your classes for next year.

9th Grade – https://forms.gle/QNmup9rwk6eS15er8

10 Grade – https://forms.gle/Y5jLJuH1yW8KoiNu9

11 Grade – https://forms.gle/13XrK81bLkkV3K6Z9

12 Grade – https://forms.gle/QjSELnFmgTwYc7LL6


UPDATE – APRIL 2, 2020

Meals services, both curbside pick up at Calais Elementary School and deliveries, will not take place during the scheduled April vacation, April 18 through April 26. On Friday, April 17, an additional breakfast and lunch will be provided in the daily meal bag. Meals services will resume operations on Monday, April 27.
To align with the Presidential statement, Calais School Department will not open prior to May 1st. This date may be revisited in the future as new information becomes available.
Stay safe!

Regional Student Art Show

The regional Student Art Show at the Eastport Arts Center is online this year at:  https://eastportartscenter.org   
Students selected for this show from Calais include: 
Scarlett Green – gr.k
Leah Guillette – gr. 1
Alyanna Urena-Cherry – gr.2
Jordyn Craig – gr.3
Aurora LeVasseur – gr.4
Liam Travis – gr.5
Jayden Fitzsimmons – gr.6   (Jayden’s art piece is highlighted at the beginning of the show! )
Willow Horch – gr. 9
Ashlyn Newcomb – gr.10
Elizabeth Trainer – gr.11
Students are selected for their artistic ability, good work habits and for having a creative attitude.  Well done student artists!