CSD Update & Correction – April 16, 2020

CORRECTION:  The CSD update from earlier today (see below) stated 2 breakfasts and/or lunches would be provided with tomorrow’s delivery. Unfortunately, due to State regulations, we will be only providing one breakfast and/or lunch per meal bag. We apologize for any confusion.


We hope this update finds all of our students, parents/guardians, and family members well.

Saturday begins Spring Vacation (Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, April 26). As promised, no new assignments will be given during vacation week. However, we do encourage any student, who has fallen behind, to take the time during the upcoming week to catch up on any incomplete assignments. We know these are challenging times and want to give students every opportunity to learn and grow. Assignments can be submitted during vacation, but please understand that since our faculty and staff will also be on break you may not get instantaneous feedback on those submitted assignments and emails may not be responded to every day.

If you are using the Calais School Department meal services, you will receive 2 breakfasts and/or 2 lunches with this Friday’s delivery. Just a reminder that CSD meal services will not be provided during our scheduled Spring Break. If you are currently receiving meal services, they will resume on Monday, April 27th. If you are not currently signed up for the meals services, but would like to start receiving them after Spring Break, call the Calais Elementary School at 454-2000.

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