Calais School Dept Update – April 27

Spring has finally arriving in Washington County!

Remote learning did resume this morning for all Calais students. After a school break, it can be particularly difficult to get students back on a regular learning schedule, so we recommend re-establishing a routine and setting a time for school work. Our faculty and staff will be available from 9am – 1pm daily to assist students with any questions.

Social distancing has been incredibly impactful on our students, staff, and community. CM/HS is very fortunate to have the Blue Devil Health Center and the AWARE grant, which is able to offer remote counseling services for any of our students struggling with mental health during this time. If you believe your student would benefit from the counseling services available, please contact Mrs. Spearin at 454-2591 or at In addition, NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) Maine has established a new mental health support line for young people ages 14-20 during the Coronavirus outbreak and beyond. The text line is 207-515-8398 and operates from noon to 10pm everyday.

Meal services for Calais School Department students resumed this morning. If you would like to start receiving breakfast and/or lunch meals services, please call the Calais Elementary School at 454-2000. You do not need to do anything if you were already signed up prior to Spring Break.

For Calais Middle/High School students struggling with device access or connectivity, please contact the front office at 454-2591. For Calais Elementary School students struggling with device access or connectivity, please contact the front office at 454-2000.

A reminder that the Calais School Department Central Office is open from 9am – Noon Monday through Friday and can be reached at 454-7561.

Coming back from Spring Break without being able to see our students has been very difficult for all employees. Calais School Department faculty, staff, and administration truly appreciate our parents/guardians and family and community members, who are supporting our students through this time. Thank you.

Stay safe,

CSD Update & Correction – April 16, 2020

CORRECTION:  The CSD update from earlier today (see below) stated 2 breakfasts and/or lunches would be provided with tomorrow’s delivery. Unfortunately, due to State regulations, we will be only providing one breakfast and/or lunch per meal bag. We apologize for any confusion.


We hope this update finds all of our students, parents/guardians, and family members well.

Saturday begins Spring Vacation (Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, April 26). As promised, no new assignments will be given during vacation week. However, we do encourage any student, who has fallen behind, to take the time during the upcoming week to catch up on any incomplete assignments. We know these are challenging times and want to give students every opportunity to learn and grow. Assignments can be submitted during vacation, but please understand that since our faculty and staff will also be on break you may not get instantaneous feedback on those submitted assignments and emails may not be responded to every day.

If you are using the Calais School Department meal services, you will receive 2 breakfasts and/or 2 lunches with this Friday’s delivery. Just a reminder that CSD meal services will not be provided during our scheduled Spring Break. If you are currently receiving meal services, they will resume on Monday, April 27th. If you are not currently signed up for the meals services, but would like to start receiving them after Spring Break, call the Calais Elementary School at 454-2000.

2020 Graduation Parts Announced

Good afternoon,

The Calais Middle/High School Administration, Faculty, and Staff would like to congratulate the following Senior students for their hard work and, at this time, we announce their parts for graduation, which is scheduled for Sunday, August  2nd, 2020 at 1pm at the CM/HS Gymnasium:

Valedictorian – Emily Doten

Salutatorian – Ivy McLellan

1st Honor Part – Gavin Parks

2nd Honor Part – Twlya Smiley

3rd Honor Part – Brynne Lander

4th Honor Part – Kyle Richard

5th Honor Part – Olivia Huckins

Congratulations to all!!!

CES Student Packets Clarifications

I’m going to  try  to bring some clarity to the student packets.  Everyone should have been in some type of communication with their students classroom teacher by this point. If you have not, please contact the school at 454-2000 so that we can rectify this.  Some teachers are having their students working on apps like IXL while others are putting together physical packets.  This has nothing to do with not being on the same page, but everything to do with grade level.  We will try to keep you informed as much as possible in the coming weeks to determine what comes next.  Next week, April 20-24 we will recognize spring break to give our lunch ladies a break who have been working tirelessly to put breakfast and lunch out daily and our delivery people who deliver everything from breakfast and lunch to milk and student packets.

After April vacation, we will also be looking for bikes for books tickets. The teachers have the envelopes in their classrooms but if you have any at home, we will be asking for them.

IF there is anything you’d like to drop off,  there is a drop box between the doors to limit contact.  Please put your students name on it so we can get it to the right teacher.  This includes library books, text books or anything else you would like returned to the school.The doors are unlocked from 7:30-12 Monday-Friday.
If you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to the principal, you can contact her via cell, Sue Carter- 952-0472.
Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty,