Calais Middle/High School Update

Calais Middle/High School Update

Because of the extension of remote learning for Calais School District students, CM/HS would like to provide some reminders and updates to our students and parents/guardians.

Students and parents/guardians are reminded school work is required. Please continue to set routines for work completion and returning work to teachers, whether paper copies or online. Be sure your child(ren) has logged into their school Gmail account. That is where they will find the Google Classroom invites from specific teachers (link found below).

CM/HS was scheduled for our Third Quarter grades to close on March 27th. Because of the change in routine, we are extending the grade closing date to April 3rd with report cards being sent home on April 13th.

On April 10th, the final senior class ranking will be determined. Seniors – please be sure to meet your due dates for all current work.  If you have any questions about missing work or assignments, please contact your teacher directly.

With the remote learning schedule extended to April 27th, Calais Middle/High School administration, faculty and staff remain committed to the education of your child(ren). The original purpose of a short-term remote learning experience was to review, reinforce, practice and enrich skills students have been working on. With the extended schedule for remote learning, teachers need to begin moving forward with content. CM/HS will be working to provide instructional videos, links, and/or resources to our students through Google Classrooms. If students are unable to access Google Classroom, please contact the front office at 454-2591 so alternative arrangements can be made.

Moving forward, students should consider each Friday a due date for assigned work in order to avoid falling behind in their classes. If physically returning work to school, please remember our front office is open 9am to 1pm Monday through Friday.

Quick links:

Student Gmail login site and access to Google Classroom –

Grades portal –

Once again, the CM/HS administration, faculty, and staff thank you for the work being done at home.  Our students, families, and communities remain in our thoughts during this difficult time. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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