Prizes for Skills USA Spaghetti Supper & Chinese Raffle

SCRTC’s Skills USA Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Chinese Auction January 29th 5-6:30 PM. Here’s the list of great prizes:

Zumiez – Shirt
Drawing Pack, Art Pack, Coloring Pages
Perry Farmers Union – Gift Certificate
Diablo’s Pizzeria – Gift Certificate
Maine St. Salon – $25 Gift Certificate
Ace Hardware – Melissa & Doug Tool Kit and Puzzle Set
Candle Warmer with Scents
Jo’s Diner – $20 Gift Certificate
Kati Grass – $25 Mary Kay Gift Certificate

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Taking One to the Face for Charity

By: Lori Ellis

Are you in an advisor/parent/coach working with an organization that is in need of funding? What if I told you that your $20 investment could increase to $1000! Would you be willing to gamble at these odds?

During Winter Carnival Student Council hosts the annual Pie in the Face Contest. If you want to participate, it only requires a $20 entry fee payable to CHS Student Council by February 7, 2020. You then reveal the identity of the charity/organization you would like to support. We normally have 10 – 15 people participate. At $20 per competitor, the kitty starts with $200 – $300! Throughout the week of February 10-14, 2020, students, staff, and community members pay ten cents per vote to determine the winner of the contest. Voting/collecting ends at noon on Friday, February 14, 2020. The person with the most votes/cash wins ALL the cash raised by ALL of the participants for his/her own charity/organization BUT must take a pie in the face during the pep rally on that Friday at approximately 1:30 PM. However, the winner does get to choose what flavor pie as well as the “pie-er,” person throwing the pie.

To increase your chance of winning, network with your friends, family, and co-workers via social media! They can vote too! Collect as much money as you can! Call in those favors! As a result of this strategy in years past, participants have raised $2000 during this 4 day event! What a great pay day for your charity/organization!!!! Previous winners include the following:

Randy Morrison (pied by Bobby Moholland) sponsored the Food Pantry
Pam Allen (pied by Leah Calder) sponsored Equine group
Ron Jenkins (pied by Mary Ann Spearin) sponsored the CMHS Band
Mary Ellen Morrell sponsored Skills USA
Andrew McLellan sponsored CMHS Band
Jamie Thigpen (pied by her son) sponsored the 8th Grade Class Trip
Kati Grass sponsored the Drama Club
Jamie Thigpen (pied by Wyatt Demmons) sponsored the Addison Coty Scholarship Fund
Bob Fitzsimmons (pied by Dawson Critchley) sponsored the Mike Milburn Scholarship Fund