Caught Being Good at CES

Last week’s students at Calais Elementary school that were “caught being good” were Oliver Clark, Cameron Flood, Ethan Barnard, Cameron Harmon, Dillon Craft, Casey McLellan, Avva Cassidy, Maggie O’Rourke, Joshua Sirvet, Hailey Johnson, Autumn Allen, Kayleigh Scott, Bailey O’Rourke, Jonna Travis and Shaylee Moores. Congratulations boys and girls, keep up the good work.

CMHS Hosts Annual Christmas Concert

The Holiday Season is upon us! The month of December is an exciting time in the Calais School Department, as many festive events take place this time of year. One such event is the Christmas Concert hosted by the CMHS Band/Chorus. Those who attended the concert were treated to a wonderful selection of Christmas pieces performed by the band, as well as songs and carols sung by the chorus. Special thanks to the band and chorus as well as Mrs. Proefrock who worked hard to make this performance a success!

Polar Express at CES

On December 6th, Calais Elementary School hosted the annual Polar Express. This holiday event is one of the most popular festive events in the Calais School Department. Those who attended were able to take a ride on the Polar Express itself, as well as make holiday crafts and enjoy snacks in the cafeteria. It was a fun event for all, and thanks to the CES staff and others who worked to make this event possible. (Pictured left are some of the activities set up in the CES cafeteria.)